Spike's Tactical

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Spike's Tactical Billet Warthog multi cal

New in box, billet, front grip serrations (hog nostrils), enhanced magwell flare, integrated trigger..


Spike's Tactical Crusader Multi

New, forged, integrated over sized trigger guard, Crusader logo, unique Latin & English selector mar..


Spike's Tactical Hellbreaker Multi

New in box, billet lower. Inspired by the P-40 Warhawk WW2 fighter plane, the magwell features a mea..


Spike's Tactical M4 5.56

New in soft case, 16" chrome lined profile barrel (1:7), Jolly Roger color filled lower, M4 feed ram..


Spike's Tactical M4 5.56

New in box, 16" chrome lined barrel (1:7), A3 upper, M4 feed ramps, 9" BAR2 free floating rail, A2 f..


Spike's Tactical M4 LE Upper 5.56

New in box, flat top upper, law enforcement model, A2 flash suppressor, 1:7 chrome lined 16" barrel,..


Spike's Tactical M4 lower Multi Cal

New, forged, mil-spec, spider logo, Infidel engraving on magwell...


Spike's Tactical M4 lower Multi Cal

New, forged, Calico Jack logo with updated selector markings, color filled, includes cloth pirate fl..


Spike's Tactical M4 lower multi cal

New, forged, Spartan logo, updated selector markings, factory engraved Molon Labe on right magwell...