NFA Ordering Details

NFA Ordering Details

If you’re outside of West Virginia:


  1. Purchase the suppressor
  2. Provide a copy of your local dealer’s FFL & SOT licenses
  3. After ATF approval on Form 3 is complete we ship to your local dealer where they conduct the ATF Form 4 process


If you’re inside West Virginia:


  1. Purchase the suppressor
  2. We complete your ATF Form 4 and get your signature in 3 places
  3. We need 2 passport style photographs and 2 finger print cards (any police department can do these for you)
  4. We need a $200 check or cashier’s check/money order made payable to the ATF
  5. We mail out 2 copies of the ATF Form 4 to the ATF and the 3rd copy to your local sheriff’s dept.
  6. Wait for the ATF to conduct your background and approve your tax stamp (approximately 5 months currently).
  7. Pick up your suppressor once the tax stamp is returned

If purchasing locally using an NFA Trust please contact for additional detals here.

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