NFA Ordering Details

NFA Ordering Details

If you’re outside of West Virginia:


  1. Purchase the suppressor
  2. Provide a copy of your local dealer’s FFL & SOT licenses
  3. After ATF approval on Form 3 is complete we ship to your local dealer where they conduct the ATF Form 4 process


If you’re inside West Virginia:

    E-File Available Now!

    You will first need to register for an ATF E-files account at and we will need the Username they provide you with and your PIN to     complete and submit the E-Form. Be sure that all of your information is accurate and spelled correctly.

  1. Purchase the suppressor
  2. We will do your electronic fingerprints exported to an EFT file and your Passport Style Photo used for the E-Form 4 (there is a $50 fee for your first time)
  3. We complete your E-File Form 4 through the ATF's Website
  4. You will pay your $200 tax stamp with a card on the portal
  5. You will receive 2 emails, one for your payment confirmation and one with your E-Form 4 submission.
  6. Wait for the ATF to complete their end of the paperwork and your background check (wait times are currently sitting at around 8-9 months)
  7. We (and you) will receive an email with your completed Form 4 with Tax Stamp attached once approved.
  8. You may come pick up your suppressor once you receive that tax stamp

If purchasing locally using an NFA Trust please contact for additional details here.

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