7.62 x 54R

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Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30 7.62x54R

These are used/excellent (straight from importer) with box, mag pouch, oil can, cleaning kit & bayon..


Russian Molot VEPR 7.62x54R

New in box, RPK build, 23" chrome lined hammer forged barrel, heavy duty receiver, chrome lined cham..


Russian M44 7.62x54R

Mint condition, 20" barrel, folding bayonet, 5 rd. Oil bottle included. Cosmoline mostly wiped...


Romanian PSL-54C 7.62 x 54R

New in box, dragunov style, 26.5" barrel, muzzle brake, 4 - 10 round magazines, mag pouch, oil bottl..


Chinese M53 7.62x54R

Chinese clone of the Russian M44. These were used in the Korean War by the Chinese & North Koreans a..