7.62 x 54R

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Russian M44 Nagant 7.62x54R

Used, good condition, Izhevsk factory 1946, side folding spike bayonet...


Russian M44 Nagant 7.62x54R

Used, excellent condition, 1945 Izhevsk, spike bayonet. No sales tax...


Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30 7.62x54R

These are used/excellent (straight from importer) with box, mag pouch, oil can, cleaning kit & bayon..


Russian Molot VEPR 7.62x54R

New in box, RPK build, 23" chrome lined hammer forged barrel, heavy duty receiver, chrome lined cham..


Russian M44 7.62x54R

Mint condition, 20" barrel, folding bayonet, 5 rd. Oil bottle included. Cosmoline mostly wiped...


Romanian PSL-54C 7.62 x 54R

New in box, dragunov style, 26.5" barrel, muzzle brake, 4 - 10 round magazines, mag pouch, oil bottl..


Chinese M53 7.62x54R

Chinese clone of the Russian M44. These were used in the Korean War by the Chinese & North Koreans a..