Stripped Lowers

Stripped Lowers
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Spike's Tactical Viking lower multi

New in box, forged M4 lower, multi cal, viking logo, Norse writing on left side (safe, fire, madness..


Spike's Tactical Crusader Multi

New, forged, integrated over sized trigger guard, Crusader logo, unique Latin & English selector mar..


Yankee Hill Machine Stripped M4 Lower 5.56

New in box, mil-spec m4 lower, oversized mag well chamfers for easier mag changes...


US Autoweapons Special Forces Commemorative 5.56

New in box, complete mil-spec lower, 6 position stock, A2 grip. Commemorative edition with US Specia..


Spike's Tactical The Jack multi

New in box, billet lower, oversized trigger guard, flared magwell, mil-spec, accepts regular AR mags..